• "Committed towards giving best value to customers in terms of yields and quality"
  • "Committed to understand, meet and, when possible, exceed our customer expectations"
  • "Deliver quality products on-time, at the most competitive cost possible"

Materials/Ware Houses
  • GMP requirements are followed in the warehouse wrt.
        a) Segregation of area for Quarantine / U/test /Approved RM's
        b) Ventilation & Rodent control measures
        c) Cold room for Volatile low melting RM's
        d) Temperature & humidity control measures
        e) Infrastructure for testing of packing materials.
  • Availability of Weighing balances/ Std weights as per requirement.
  • Safety measures in stores is also followed

Title SS-Tank UG/AG MS-Tank UG/AG Number of Solvents Allocation of tanks
Solvents 02 No.
02 AG
06 No. MS UG
06 No. MS AG
06 Tank farm Area

Title Quarantine/ app stock Ventilation/ Rodent Control Dispensing Rooms Sampling Room Cold room Humidity/ Temp control
Solid RM's storage 01 -- 01 01 01 Yes

Title Room for Packing Materials Infrastructure for testing of Packing Materials. Adequacy of safety measures
Solid RM's storage 01 Physical Verification Available