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Environment Health Safety

Regular training classes and internal safety audits are conducted to maintain the best EHS standards of the industry.

Availability of following personal protective equipments and safety devices are provided in the plant

  • Hand gloves, safety glasses, helmets,
  • Safety showers,
  • Earthing, earthing pits
  • Sand buckets
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Hydrant system
  • O/H Water tank
  • Water storage tank

Effluent Treatment Plant:
Pressure Sand filter (Stream-1) 20.0 KL/Day IONTECH 1
Pressure Sand filter (Stream-1) IONTECH 1
Water softning plant (Stream-2) 80.0 KL/Day IONTECH 1
Mech. Internal Drums (800*1500) IONTECH 2
Mech. Internal Drums (600*800) IONTECH 1
Aerator IONTECH 1
Carbon Filteration Unit IONTECH 1
Solar Evaporation Tank 1000.0 Sq.mtr IONTECH 1
Underground water Storage 150.0 Sq.mtr IONTECH 1
Sludge Drying Bed IONTECH 5
Primary & Secondry Clarifier IONTECH 1
Neutralization Tanks IONTECH 2
Water Pumps 1.5 HP IONTECH 2
Switches/ PP Valves/PVC Pipe/Tee etc. IONTECH
Pumps, PVC Pipe, Socket, valves etc IONTECH 3

The units discharges zero liquid effluent. The treated effluent is used for irrigation within the premises.

For the treatment of solid waste and High COD effluent, it is sent to an Integrated Common Hazardous Waste Treatment Storage & Disposal Facility (TDSF) regularly